Hi Everyone! Well, yesterday was a huge step for Utah politics. The fact that so many people took their time and made the effort to cast their votes in numbers rarely seen in mid-term elections is exactly what this democracy and state need, and I was so proud to have been any part of it. Regardless of what party you voted, your civic duty matters, and I am truly thrilled that so many people made it a priority to have their voices heard.

Congratulations to my opponent, Mr. Musselman, on his win of the District 9 seat. I hope, as I had hoped two years ago, that the needs of the people he represents will come first in his legislation.  Of course I’m disappointed that the people of District 9 felt he was a better representative of their perspective and needs in the state legislature, but I am in no way sorry to have had this experience. Even though it didn’t work out for me, personally, I am celebrating today.

Today, I have heart full of hope for us - for Utah, and for our country.  I know many of you, just like me, are sincerely tired of the discord that has invaded our politics. Over the last 3 years, I have spoken to so many people that I would not have had the opportunity to speak to otherwise, and I have learned so much. Further, I have relearned what we all know: that even with our current political divides we’re really not that different. We truly are, ALL Utahns and Amercians, regardless of who we vote for, and we all have shared interests.

I believe diversity in representation is paramount to fixing our problems, but even more important than diversity is a willingness to negotiate, compromise, and to discuss the facts in good faith, in order to solve the issues that face Utahns: specifically, the poisonous air we breathe, our struggle with opiates, and our need to invest in educating the next generation. I fervently believe that none of these are partisan issues and in that spirit I want to challenge everyone who DID receive their constituent’s trust yesterday, as they swear-in and take their seats in the halls of our government, to TRULY reach across the aisle, perhaps for the first time in a long while, and quit the poisonous rhetoric that we are all so exhausted with and which has proven tragically counter-productive to the real needs of the people in this state and in this country.

Even though I lost, I will not stop getting up, every day, and trying to have a positive impact on the lives of those around me. I still have faith that we can lay down our tribalism and do our best to work together to solve this state’s issues.  I won’t stop trying to do that wherever I stand, and I hope you won’t stop either. Perhaps this is it for my electoral aspirations, but it is far from the end of my political life because the people I met and spoke to deserve someone to keep fighting for them.

I have to extend a special thanks to the Utah Democratic party, and to the enthusiastic, amazing young people who were my caffeine throughout this process, I know will carry their passion forward, specifically: Oscar Mata, Bryce Anaya, Zach Thomas, and Josh Hoggan. You’ve got this guys ;) I also want to thank my dear, tolerant, and ever-patient husband, Joe, who I wouldn’t be whole without – and the rest of my family for their unending support.

I remain elated, and so proud to be a Utahn, and I am looking forward to seeing what the 2019 legislative body can do for the people of this State – they deserve a productive government. Thank you all again, this has been such a great experience.  




Kathie has the background and experience needed to be a reliable, knowledgable legislator. Learn more about her here!


As a lifelong Ogden (27 years)), Roy (20 years), West Haven (17 years) citizen, Kathie knows what matters to folks here. Click below to see where she stands on various issues.


Kathie expresses some views and possible solutions here, regarding pertinent issues for District 9 and all Utahns.


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