After a hard-fought battle we made a strong showing in District 9, but fell just short on election day.  I want to thank the people that trusted me with their vote, I was honored to receive every one of them.  I also want to thank everyone that donated and helped me over the last nine months with my campaign: my family, friends, volunteers, and the Democratic Party have all been an unending source of support and encouragement throughout this journey. I was inspired most by the young democrats who heard the stories and struggles of the people in this district while going door-to-door.  These young people truly want to help the most disenfranchised among us, and know we do that through education, inclusion, and respect for diversity, not a rejection or fear of it.  My heart is warmed and I am optimistic knowing that they will carry this torch forward and I intend to do everything I can to help them do so.  Throughout this experience I've identified so many ways that we can be better to each other and I will not stop striving to do that, even outside of office.  Everyone deserves to have their voice heard.

I know, that just like me, Jeremy Peterson loves this State and he loves his family, for we all have that in common.   I am very hopeful the divisiveness we’ve seen over the course of this election season can be put behind us and that we can all move forward with the common goal of making lives better for all Utahans.   




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