Utah legislature is in desperate need of new representatives with fresh ideas and new perspectives. That’s where Kathie Darby comes in. She is qualified, dedicated, passionate, and forward-thinking. She truly cares about doing what’s right for the people in her community, which is why she is the perfect candidate to represent District 9 in Utah's House of Representatives.  


A candidate who will make legislation a priority in their life is a candidate worth voting for!

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Kathie has the background and experience needed to be a reliable, knowledgable legislator. Learn more about her here!


As a lifelong Ogden citizen, Kathie knows what matters to folks here. Click "Read More" to see where she stands on various issues.


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Voter registration is simple and easy! Visit vote.utah.gov to register.

"Do I live in district 9?"

The map to the right shows the district (in yellow) that Ms. Darby will represent. It covers central Ogden, West Haven, and North Roy. Click here to visit the Utah website and learn more about districts.

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