Kathie Darby is a Northern Utah native who is passionate about social issues, leadership, and serving her family and community.



Kathie is a proud Ogden native and a graduate of Ben Lomond High School.  She moved to Roy in 1972 where for 20 years she lived happily and raised a family.  Kathie’s family will always be her proudest achievement—just ask her grandkids!  In 2001, Kathie moved to West Haven where she lives today with her husband, Joe.

Kathie has always made civic engagement and volunteering a priority—from being a room mother in her kids’ schools to organizing foot races for charities.  Kathie believes that public service is not only a rewarding use of one’s time, but is also the duty of those who are fortunate enough to have the time and ability to contribute.  She often told her children as they were growing up: “You get what you give.” 

Professional Experience

Before launching her campaign, Kathie had a successful career as a public servant, she served as an Operation Manager, one of the top 15 people at a large Ogden business, where she was directly accountable for the daily budget, production, and quality of hundreds of people, employing over 5000 people.  She had a technical career as well, interpreting complex Congressional codes and creating training for automated systems to provide customer service to the American Public.  In addition to the experience she gained from her direct management roles, she successfully completed more than 20 weeks of leadership training.  She also taught classes in Performance Engagement, Personal Success, Diversity in the Workplace, and Generational Differences, and she is a certified facilitator for Franklin Covey.  

Ultimately, Kathie’s decades of public service prepared her well for any role that requires a quick but accurate assessment of problems, the consideration of the varied needs and desires of a large group of people, and the formulation of an actionable plan to arrive at solutions.  These are some of the skills she will bring to bear as your representative.

 Commitment to Community

Partnering for Change Convention Planning Committee Member - Kathie is working with Weber Health and Human Services on this most important convention to discuss Education, Prevention, and Treatment for the problem of opioid addiction and deaths in Weber County.  She is once again donating her time and expertise to plan, fundraise, get presenters, and help conduct a two day convention in Ogden this year.  Their are many doctors, pharmacists, law enforcement, and first responders involved in this effort and some amazing guest speakers coming!

Proud to be a Commissioner on Ogden City's Diversity Commission - where I can serve the Ogden area in more ways to promote diversity and inclusion.


American Red Cross Community Volunteer Leader - As a Community Volunteer Liaison, Kathie partners with the Executive Director/Regional Executive to build capacity and grow volunteer base of the community.  Committee fund raiser and planner for 400 volunteer event in Ogden/Weber County.  Installing 1000 smoke alarms in one day!  She serves as a advocate for the Red Cross with local service clubs, cultivating, managing, and stewarding external partnership relationships.  She meets with community groups, churches, and schools about volunteer opportunities and blood services.  Kathie received he American Red Cross Development Volunteer Award 2017 for her exemplary fundraising and volunteer recruitment progress.

Roads to Independence - Kathie is on the Executive Board of Directors for this independent Living Center for people with disabilities.  She guides and assists the Director with all activities involved in operating this 501c3 organization which assists people with mental and physical disabilities in their daily lives as well as with their internal and external needs for funding and assistance with housing, medical, etc.  She supports and volunteers for all fundraisers and activities the Center organizes.

YCC Ogden’s Domestic Violence and Family Crisis Center – Kathie is on the Executive Board of Directors managing this charitable organization, where she is a big part of every fundraising committee.  As a married teen mom she came to the YCC’s Young Mom’s Program for services and programs.  She loves to “give back” and is now in a position to do so! 

Enable Industries for People with Disabilities – Kathie was on their Board of Director’s from 2004 to 2013 and was the Chairwoman of the Board for 18 months.  She is passionate about people working, having jobs that fit their abilities, and feeling productive in society.  She worked tirelessly in leadership to hire people with disabilities.

She has been on other charities boards in the community, making decisions, writing business cases, reviewing audits, overseeing budgets, hiring company Presidents and generally managing large 501c3 businesses.  This experience has connected her to the District 9 Constituents in a way that she enjoys most; people to people, helping others succeed in life!

Special Olympics: Kathie has volunteered with this amazing organization since the early 90’s.  She volunteers for bowling events up and down the Wasatch Front, golf, and her favorite; Bocce Ball.

March of Dimes: Kathie’s earliest volunteer work was in 1977 when she worked on a fundraiser for children.  She had lost a child due to birth defects that year and the March of Dimes had offered their support, this led to her being a neighborhood organizer for several years.

Utah State Bar Association, Certified Mediator:  Kathie trained for this certification in 2004 and has been using it since then to get to the bottom of issues, resolve problems, and reunite people. As a mediator, Kathie did this voluntarily where she worked for many, many people, and as a leader of a large organization, to bring people together, unite them; all while saving time and funding due to loss of productivity.  She also volunteered in the Ogden City Schools Truancy Mediation Program, helping students, parents, and school administrators communicate regarding why a child does not come to school.  Then, how to get them back on track with their education and succeed.  This is very rewarding to her, she loves working with people and their families! She has never charged for this service and is in the process of recertifying to help more families in the community at no cost to them.

Event Directing:  During the time she lived in Roy and was raising a family, she joined the Roy Days Committee and worked with several groups to make it a success, the baby contest, parade, and personally directed the foot race with her family.  She later directed many races to raise funds for good causes in the community. 

She has Chaired YCC’s Rose Tea, Real Men Can Cook, and Western Night Fundraiser. 

Facilitation: Kathie is a certified Franklin Covey Facilitator for The Speed of Trust, a most amazing theory of relationships and communications; from trust of self all the way to market and societal trust.  She volunteers in the community to provide this training, book reviews, and full training with materials.  She began this in 2008 and continues to be passionate today.  She also facilitated hundreds of meetings between employees and management to resolve issues and create action plans for improvement in productivity, quality, and relations among these groups.

Judicial Performance Evaluation Commission:  Kathie and her husband Joe have volunteered for the State of Utah in the judicial and district courts.  They attended court weekly to review the presiding Judge’s performance.  Because they had prior management roles and evaluated employees over many years, they are able to write reports on the performance of Judges in the Utah Courts.  These reports are sent to the judges and the information is added to a website where Utah’s residents can review what average people think of the performance before voting to sustain them.  Spending all of this time in the courtroom has given her a perspective on this important system and how it can be changed and improved. 

Kathie’s campaign to serve in the Utah State House of Representatives is the natural progression of her commitment to improving our community.  Everything she has accomplished to this point will feed into her service as a Legislator.


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