Quality, Affordable, Accessible Healthcare for all Utahns

How do you feel about your healthcare coverage, what can be improved, what are your suggestions for me when I am elected?  75% of Utahns want expanded healthcare and 80% of physicians and hospitals want increased coverage for under served Utahns. This includes concern for veterans of all ages and their issues.  My hope is that Utah can become an example to the Nation of how to improve and expand the current law with compassion and innovation. 

Improving Utah Air Quality

What did you think when you stepped out your door today? Did the air seem fresh and clean?  Do you or your families use inhalers and medications to breathe easier.  I am committed to pursuing practical solutions to help individuals, businesses, and governments at the state, county, and city levels to take meaningful action to improve Utah's air quality.  Tell me your issues, what can I do?

Education for Utah's Children

For school teachers and administrators, for caring parents and children, for community leaders; what are your concerns with public school education in Utah?  I believe Utah's school administrators, teachers, and students deserve proper funding to provide everything they need to succeed in our public education system.  Using property taxes to fund schools is not working, there are many ways to accomplish this goal if people unite and work together toward solutions.

Other Issues

What are your thoughts on:

Equal Pay for Women

Rape Crisis/Domestic Violence and Shelter Funding

Opioid Addiction and Medical Cannabis

Funding Career Support for Disabled Individuals

Infrastructure Upgrades/Spending


Are we missing anything? Please contact me with your comments!

I will stand for what the people in the community want wherever I can. If there are any other issues you would like to see addressed on my platform, please write her a message and let her know!